How Much does it Price to Begin a Blog?

This is a issue I have been pondering a lot lately, especially when sending on a number of the coaching sessions I have had with aspiring bloggers that year.

A web log is undoubtedly one of many cheapest probable firms to get off the ground. There is a large number you are able to achieve by investing in time as opposed to money. However, it’s becoming significantly obvious that when a weblog is to be more than simply a hobby, you do have to anticipate to devote only a little income to get properly started.

So, with this in mind, I thought it could be valuable to offer a concise answer to the issue of just how much you must expect to spend. I shall then continue to spell out how I reached the figure.

How Much does it Price to Begin a Blog?
You can begin a weblog completely free, by signing up to site like However, if you intend to make money from your own blog, it’s wise to budget for at the least $170 in the first year. That is to cover professional internet hosting, a good-quality WordPress theme, and per month of access to a keyword study tool.

What would you Need to Buy?
If I was beginning a weblog with the $170 budget I note above, it’s this that I could be expecting to spend (prices are, needless to say, approximate):

Domain and Hosting
$70 to register a domain for 12 months, and purchase some fundamental provided hosting.

WHERE? There are many internet hosting companies. I have been applying Dreamhost for about ten years and always suggest them.

WordPress Design
$50 to buy an expert WordPress theme, to be able to achieve the required look and feel for the site.

WHERE? My first port of demand browsing WordPress styles is Envato Market. They have around 40,000 styles, and a $50 budget allows you available many them.

Keyword Study Tool
$50 to fund a month’s subscription to a professional-grade software for studying SEO keywords.

WHERE? It’s probable to spend a LOT a lot more than $50 on SEO tools. I take advantage of and suggest Mangools KWFinder, for a great stability between cost and features.

Ways to Trim Down the Price

The only issue I have considered here is “just how much does it charge to start a blog?” I have certainly maybe not viewed what it prices to buy some type of computer or purchase an internet connection! Presumably it’s maybe not too much of an presumption that you already have those things when you have blogging in mind.

I’m conscious I have been a little strong by attempting to flag down a defined figure here, but it’s great to try to give a straight answer to issues like this.

I have undoubtedly plenty of men and women can argue with my figures, and state you could spend less, or need to spend more. There is a lot of nuance to the issue of just what a blog prices to get started. I certainly don’t think everyone should ever be defer blogging by the potential charge of it. As I have already discussed, you are able to further cut the expenses if you need to.

Overall, however, I’m planning to put my title to that particular $170 figure – for the time being anyway

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