When to Shoot Your Landscape Photographs

Landscape photography is one of the most popular forms of portrait digital photography, and some would claim that it is something of a saturated market for fine art professional photographers. Many have thought about the question of how to improve their landscape pictures ordinary competitive market. It is one thing to adhere to the “golden rules” of photography, but perhaps it is at least as important to consider in which type of lighting conditions to shoot your landscape images.

The best professional photographers are able to emphasize the differentiators in their images, and one way to do this is to shoot under the most intriguing lighting conditions. Eat way to make this happen is to shoot during sunrise and sun. The warm and golden colors can be one of the most attractive features of landscape photography.

A word of caution though, because these types of images are so popular, the photography market has become very much flooded with these types of shots.fujiflex photo prints for saleĀ  This means that your sunrise and sun shots must be of the highest good quality to get a reasonable rate of return from them. Having said that, by following the golden rules of photography, such as the rules of thirds and shooting at the right time, you can take some beautiful landscape images that can stand out in the crowd.


Sunrise and sun are universal terms describing the golden hours of the day, but it is important to more accurately define the best of these conditions for professional photographers. Prior to sun and after sunrise, when the sun is still in the sky, is when you will see the most elegantly saturated colors on a landscape. This is particularly important if you are shooting away from the sun’s rays, when you are truly trying to light your subject. However, if you are interested in shooting a skyscape, then you should be looking to shoot during twilight: when the sun is beyond the horizon and the sky is full of rich warm colors. This would result in some very dark tones, but this inside of it can make a great photograph.

Sunrise and sun are not the only targets for landscape professional photographers, though. Storm conditions, while not very inviting for outdoors activities, can also produce some stunning and extremely dramatic looking landscape images. Low hanging dark confuses, engulfing the peaks of mountaintops can be very intriguing photographic targets. In warmer climates, you should look to prepare your images towards the end of a storm. In these conditions, the clearing heavens and rising hot air can produce some very dramatic mist images.

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